Training Course Accelerating Camp for New Generation Entrepreneurs of Southern Jiangsu

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A four-day “Training Course Accelerating Camp for New Generation Entrepreneurs of Southern Jiangsu” has been launched in Nanjing since November 24, 2020. Against the background, various courses like centralized courses and front-line visits came for the entrepreneurs, bringing new vitality into the development of the local new-generation enterprises. Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology held this training, aiming to learn and explore the evolution as well as upgrading of entrepreneurs under the new situation. On the afternoon, the partner of Galaxy Capital and former financial director of Walmart China—Mr. Cai Jingzhong, gave the “First Lecture” — The Way of the CEO of Start-up Enterprises to Deal with Business from the Financial Perspective in the Unusual Times, in which he shared a wonderful course. Besides, he also took this opportunity to lead young entrepreneurs to Suzhou, Wuxi and other local enterprises to conduct various on-site teaching activities, from Ihome Life in Nanjing to BR Robot in Suzhou, Fclassroom and Lanchuang intelligence in Wuxi, etc., and several seniors and masters from all walks of life present and gave instructions. In addition, high tech entrepreneurs from various enterprises and founders of advantageous enterprises in the industry also shared their expertise; big investors taught their advanced ideas from investment and business models so as to enhance students’ practical ability in a short period of time. Young entrepreneurs learned from each other and exchanged their views, creating a special event for entrepreneurs. The main purpose of the activity was to accelerate the coordination of venture capital and industrial chain by means of high-quality exchanges among various industries, thereby promoting the in-depth integration of mass innovation and industry and assisting in finding more markets. This trip has helped the new generation of entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth in both concept and the financing, thereby further promoting the development of industrial ecology.WechatIMG1615 WechatIMG1616 WechatIMG1611 WechatIMG1613 WechatIMG1614


Post time: Dec-08-2020