How to choose the right brush filament for industrial brushes?

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Industrial brushes are used in more and more areas of industrial production today. Different industries use different brushes for different purposes, and the wire used varies from industry to industry.

The main use of dust brushes is to be installed in industrial equipment, assembly lines, doors and windows and other parts of the inlet and outlet, used to prevent dust through these gaps into, pollution equipment and products, so the requirements of the brush wire is a high elasticity, brush wire surface lubrication is better, preferably also has anti-static function.


Polishing brushes are mainly used to deburr the surface of the object to be polished, fine grinding and other processing, so for different requirements to determine the type of wire and characteristics of the brush, if it is a strong hardness of the steel plate and other need to do surface electroplating polishing, then the most ideal brush wire should be bronze wire, if the general metal material for surface rust and deburring treatment, then the use of good hardness of steel wire can be.

Cleaning brush is the most commonly used industrial roller brush, generally used for deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, fruit and vegetable cleaning and industrial cleaning and dust and scale, the requirements of the brush wire to wear resistance performance, high elasticity and corrosion resistance and aging, long time operation is not easy to deformation, if the brush wire performance is not good, when a long time the object in a certain position will cause the brush roller groove, destroy the use of roller brush function, serious It can even cause the whole brush roll to be scrapped.

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Post time: Jun-01-2023