How to choose a good toughness nylon wire?

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In our daily life many brushes and bristles need to use nylon wire with good toughness, such as: head comb, toothbrush, hoover brush, bath brush, polishing brush, strip brush, brush roller, etc., poor toughness of nylon wire in the use of a period of time will appear deformation and inverted hair and other problems, and good toughness of nylon wire repeated use will not be deformed, so how should we choose it?

Our common nylon wire has: PA6, PA66, PA610, PA612 these four materials, which wear resistance and toughness of the best material is PA612 nylon wire, but the unit price is higher, commonly used in toothbrushes, face brushes, bath brushes, nail polish brushes, polishing brushes, etc., followed by PA610 nylon wire, commonly used in toothbrushes, face brushes, mascara brushes, polishing brushes, etc., while PA6 and PA66 Nylon wire has good temperature resistance and flexibility, and is one of the more cost-effective materials, commonly used in head combs, shoe brushes, clothes brushes, bottle brushes, strip brushes, brush rolls, etc.

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Post time: Mar-29-2023