About the announcement of the list of the second batch of provincial star-level cloud enterprises in 2019

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In mid-2019, in order to implement the spirit of the “Provincial Government’s Implementation Opinions on Deepening “Internet + Advanced Manufacturing” to Develop Industrial Internet” and the “Guidelines for Jiangsu Province Star Rating Cloud Enterprise Evaluation Work (2019 Edition)”, Jiangsu Provincial Workers The letter hall has vigorously promoted the three-year action plan of enterprises on the cloud, and launched the second batch of provincial star-rated cloud enterprises in 2019.Huai’an Xinjia Nylon Co., Ltd. is planned to be recognized as the second batch of provincial four-star Shangyun enterprises in 2019. The review of the organization was different from the past, from the original simple written material review to the innovative review method of “corporate on-site defense demonstration + expert comprehensive material review”. Huai’an Xinjia Nylon passed 9 experts in 3 groups one by one On-site defense review, and second review review, successfully obtained recognition.On this list, Huai’an Xinjia Nylon Co., Ltd. will use the Internet as the basis to strengthen the application of information infrastructure, management and business, improve the efficiency of resource allocation, promote the development of the sharing economy, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and actively use the Internet Connect social resources with cloud computing means and contribute to the development of a comprehensive modern society.

Post time: Jul-14-2020